Weasel in the Wood

I saw a weasel again in Mercers Wood this afternoon, in more or less the same place I saw it before. It dashed out of the undergrowth, crossed the path a few yards in front of me and disappeared into the undergrowth again.

The baby woodpeckers appear to have left their nest now. There was no sign of them or their mother anywhere, and all was quiet where the nesthole is.

Lots of baby birds in the wood now, robins, blue tits and long-tailed tits. Also watched a fledgling blackcap sat on a branch being fed by both of its parents.  Blackcaps are one of the few warblers where the males and females can be told apart. Males have a black cap, while females have a brown cap.

A male pheasant was happily strutting along the riverside path by the wood. He didn’t stir even when a cyclist went by.


Further afield, there were linnets and a pair of bullfinches at the Morton end of the riverside path, a reed bunting further along the riverside, and a roe deer on Field Lane just beyond Morton.

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  1. This needs to be reported to the Mammals society. They currently have a People’s Science project running to survey and map all mammals spotted in the UK as a recent study shows that 1in5 of UK mammals are under threat.
    Download their app “Mammal Mapper” to your smart phones to start and report your survey.

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