Birds of the Gainsborough Area

We present here an analysis of the birds that can be or have been seen in Gainsborough and the surrounding area. This is based on my own observations and records kept over the last five years or so, supplemented by the reports of other people I have spoken to or read about.

Many of the birds described are resident here and can be seen all year round, others are seasonal visitors, or pass through on migration. There are others that have occasionally turned up, but are not usually found here.

The Trent Valley, where Gainsborough is located, is a natural avenue for migrating birds and anything can, and sometimes does, turn up. It is important that green spaces, like Mercers Wood, are preserved as places where a migrating bird can rest up for a day or two before moving on.

This analysis is divided into sections. This is a work in progress so not all sections are open yet.