House Sparrows are a very common species, and they can be seen all over the Gainsborough area, especially in the town. They don’t generally come into Mercer Wood, but they can be seen on the town-side edge of it.

It has been reported that House Sparrow numbers have declined in many parts of the country, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in Gainsborough, where they are as plentiful as they’ve always been.

  male and female House Sparrow (pictures from Wikipedia)


I know of only two places in the Gainsborough area that have Tree Sparrows.

One place is Beckingham Marsh, where they inhabit the hedgerow leading from the roadside entrance towards the hide. Sometimes you don’t even need to enter the reserve to see them as they often congregate around the gateway.

The other place for Tree Sparrows is at a place called Jubilee Farm, on Walkerith Road between Morton and Walkerith. I have often seen them in the roadside hedgerow there and around the farm entrance.

The only other records I have for Tree Sparrows in the Gainsborough area is a single bird on Field Lane just beyond Morton in June 2012, and two near the woodyard on the opposite side of the river on May 7th 2017.

 Tree Sparrow (picture from Wikipedia)