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3rd May 2020 – Dawn Chorus Walk in Mercers Wood

International Dawn Chorus Day is held on the first Sunday in May each year, which falls on May 3rd in 2020. The event is promoted by the Wildlife Trust and this is the perfect opportunity for nature lovers to gather at dawn in one of the scenic spots in the United Kingdom to listen to the sounds of birds as they sing to greet the rising sun. After our two successful walks in 2018 and 2019, our local bird expert Tony has agreed to lead next years walk in Mercers Wood on 3rd May, depending on the weather (it may be rescheduled in the event of bad weather).

This years walk began with a Tawny Owl, quickly followed by a Cuckoo. Other birds that can be expected include thrushes, tits, wrens, warblers and finches, but anything can (and sometimes does) turn up. We will be meeting at the Mercers Road entrance to the wood at 5:15 am. Anyone who wishes to join us will be most welcome.