Nature Sightings


The Mercer Wood Community Group is committed to maintaining and improving the biodiversity of Mercer Wood. All of our members are volunteers from the local community and in many cases we are able to draw upon their experience in areas of running a project of this type but with other areas we rely upon the support of partner organisations as well as our members learning and applying new skills ranging from fund raising and administration to the study of all aspects of fauna and wildlife.
This section of our website outlines the work that is being carried out by our members in the areas of conservation. Their time is given freely in the hope that the area can be improved and we hope that the results will be of interest to you and may encourage you to join us too.
If you would like to send us any of your wildlife or nature observations, please send your images or information to All input is appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you.

Common CuckooCuckoo – Not so common in our area.

Image from Wikipedia


May 5th, 2014 – Cuckoo calling

A cuckoo has been calling in Mercer Wood this spring. As the species has declined dramatically in numbers in recent years, this is good news. Please let us know where else in Gainsborough you have heard a cuckoo calling – certainly has been one near the Leisure Centre.
Whitethroats have also now arrived in Mercer Wood. Has anyone heard a sedge or reed warbler by the river yet ?

Common Roe DeerRoe Deer – a common European deer.
Image from Wikipedia

May 2nd, 2014 – Deer Sightings

An early morning walk through Mercer Wood recently gave one delighted resident a glimpse of a deer passing through. Probably a roe deer – it was described as having a white backside!
Please let us know about any other sightings of deer in the area – there are likely to be plenty about but several different species may be seen!
It would be useful to have a record of deer sightings to add to our wildlife records.

Common ChiffchaffChiffchaff – a common leaf warbler. 
Image from Wikipedia
March 30th, 2014 – Mothering Sunday
The first migrant birds have arrived back in Mercer Wood – chiff-chaffs were singing in the wood.
Overwintering butterflies were emerging from their winter quarters. Today brimstone, small tortoiseshell and peacocks were enjoying the warmth of the sun. This just leaves the comma to be spotted in the wood to complete the quartet of our butterflies who overwinter as adults.
Sheets of celandine glistened in the sun and bumble bees were busy searching for nectar.
It truly is a wonderful sight.